Easy ways to remove window tint


Over the passage of time, you can expect all window tints to decline in quality. It may change in appearance, looking unattractive and worn.  It becomes purplish in hue because the non-metallic colorants in the tint start to break down and to change its colour tone. The tint also starts to bubble up in certain areas, indicating the deterioration of the adhesives which were employed to make the tint adhere to the car windows.  You may initially notice just one or a couple of bubbles; many are certain to follow.

You will be tempted to simply peel the tint away – don’t.  If you do, you will have a tacky muddle of messy tint on your car window that will be difficult and tedious to take out completely.  It is better to learn how to remove window tint from the experts before diving right in into the job.

razor to scrape window

Scrape Off with a Razor Blade

This method is best utilized to remove window tint if you just have a tiny section of tint to deal with. It is a rather long and painstaking method, but it works.

First, make a very tiny slash on the film using a razor blade, making sure that you create a flap to pull on.  Start peeling the tint. You will not be able to remove it tidily – the film is likely to tear and separate into a number of small bits. Create a foamy lather with soap and water.  Using a sprayer, drench the car window with generous squirts of the sudsy water. The adhesive will then become squashy and soft – making it easier for you to scour off using a razor blade.  Work gently and carefully to avoid scratching the window. You will almost certainly need more than just one razor blade to complete the job.  The constant scouring will dull the blade so be prepared with a number of blades.

To remove the film on the section of the window right next to the defroster/antenna lines, put duct-tape to good use for lifting the film off the window as an alternative to using the razor blade. Get rid of the gummy scum by rubbing ammonia applied on a soft old towel on it. Make sure that you rub gently, going with the grain, never across the defroster-lines, so as not to damage the conductor.

Make sure that you get every bit of the adhesive off the window.  Then proceed to give the window a thorough cleaning with a glass-cleaner.

sun tint removal

Use Ammonia and the Sun

This method will only work during a sunshiny day, as you will require the heat of the sun for removing window tint.

You will need a couple of black garbage bags.  With a pair of scissors, cut the bags, shaping it approximately to the pattern and size of your car windows.  Squirt some sudsy water on the outer surface of the window and drape one of the trash-bags over it as covering. Smoothen up the plastic so that it lies smooth and even – flat against the window.

Work on the interior side of the window.  Use a tarp to cover every single surface next to the window, including the upholstered façade, rear-lights, and speakers. Put on a face-mask for your protection to shield you from the ammonia vapours. Spray ammonia on the window tint, immediately entrapping the moisture against the window tint with a garbage bag. The garbage bags, absorbing heat from the sun’s rays, will help the film to come off.

Peel off the film from the window. Using the tip of your fingernail or the sharp side of a razor blade, raise one corner-section of the window film, trying to strip it off the window intact.  Be careful with the defroster lines; avoid cutting them.  As you peel the film off, continue to keep it damp with ammonia.  If there is any remaining tint, try scraping it off with gentle motions using the edge of your razor blade. You can eliminate lingering adhesive by applying ammonia on the surface and using exceptionally fine steel wool to rub it off. Use a soft paper-towel to swab the surface dry. Take off the garbage bag from the exterior side of the window.  Give the window a thorough wash with a glass cleaner.

newspapper method

Use Soap and Newspaper

Using an ordinary all-purpose sponge, wet the car window with sudsy water then swathe with newspaper.  Keep the newspaper damp by reapplying water every quarter of an hour.  After about an hour, use a razor blade to scour off the top-most layer of tint.  If the layer refuses to come off, apply the soapy water again until the glue loosens up enough to make it easy for you to remove the tint.

Use a Steamer

Many individuals faced with several options on how to remove car window tint find the steamer technique easy, quick, and convenient. If you do not have a steamer, many individuals opine that it is worth buying one because of the ease and convenience that the method puts forth for how to remove tint.

Fill the steamer with water.  Turn it on and steam your car window.  The steam will thaw, soften and liquefy the glue, making it easy for you to strip off the film.

After removing the film, remove residual adhesive by using any adhesive remover of your choice. Wash or wipe-down the window for a thorough cleaning.

The benefits of using this technique are quite clear.  It is fast and easy – no mess, no fuss.  Because you do not need to use any sharp objects, you do not risk damaging your car defroster-antenna lines – or your hand. Because you do not have to use ammonia or other similar products, you do not put your health at risk.

The very simplicity of the technique, in addition to its effectiveness, is what gets most users. You simply steam, let the glue loose, and then easily release the film off the window, taking the glue with it. It is easy, precise, and neat; it is without any doubt a fast and convenient way to remove tint.