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Does the Window Film Brand Really Matter?

Answer: Absolutely! As with every other industry, quality and features differ from brand to brand, and even from product to product within each window tinting film brand. All vehicle tinting films are not the same, and there are statistics to prove it. Ask your vehicle tinting company which window film brands they carry, and do some research on each of the brands yourself.

My Vehicle’s Windows Already Block UV Rays

Fact: Yes and no. Your windows do block some UV Rays from entering your vehicle, however, not nearly enough to truly protect you from the damage they can cause. Your auto glass, allows UV (ultraviolet), IR (infrared) and visible light through. Car tinting film is designed to reject 99% of UV and IR light while allowing visible light to pass through the film.

All Window Tinting Film Peels and Fades at some point

Fact: Yes, it just depends on when you would like “some point” to be. If you decide to purchase low quality, cheap tint film installed by a fly-by-night car tint company, that “some point” will be much sooner than the top of the line NanoTechnology Car Tint Film

The Window Tinting Industry is Regulated, Just Like Everything Else

Fact: False. There are very loose regulations on the car tint industry, meaning anyone can claim they know what they are doing. Just because someone offers you a low car tint price and a smile that does not mean you should choose them. Look for companies that hold themselves accountable to the rest of the industry with associations like the IWFA (International Window Film Association). Look to see if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and what their current ranking is. It would also be wise to search the web for reviews on the tint company.